John Lucarelli is a self taught photographer whose work revolves around his life at the ocean.  His impressionistic imagery - saturated with color, symmetric in composition, and stirred by movement - is rapidly identifiable as his own.  Though based in Newport Beach, California, John has an immense passion for travel and scours the globe in search of remote adventures.  


12/17. Gunwhale Ale's Photo Show - Costa Mesa, CA

10/16. Woodsnap Focal Point - Union Market, Tustin, CA

03/16. Flow - Best Framing, Costa Mesa, CA

08/15. Shoot for Yew Art Show - Taco Asylum, Costa Mesa, CA

06/15. Barrels, Buddies, Brews 2.0 - Ghetto Juice, Costa Mesa, CA

04/15. Fibrous Vibes / #BenDidGo - Boathouse Collective, Costa Mesa, CA

12/14. Laguna Beach Art Walk - Rusty Store, Laguna Beach, CA

09/14. Hurley Summer Show - Costa Mesa, CA

11/13. Barrels, Buddies, Brews - San Clemente, CA


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